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Bears Love to Party

We at Bears Love to Party are here to bring you cute, kind, pawsitive and wholesome content. We try to come up with fun ideas for apps, games, shirts, and anything else that will bring a smile to your face and ours! Now please bear with me while I tell you a bit about the stuff we have going on now and in the future!

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At our etsy shop you can find some cool antiques, art, and our special greeting cards, and even more cool stuff!

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On Amazon we have an ever ex-panda-ing selection of fun shirts. They feature many bears and our other friends!

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While we don't have anything out yet, be sure to keep an eye out in your favorite app store. In the future, we hope to make fun and useful little applications!

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What else could be in our future? Web comics, animations, music? Anything is pawsible!

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Our Highly qualified

Team of Experts

Our team of experts know exactly what they are doing... Usually. So let me introduce you to our Party Expert, Bear Pear. Our fabulous artist, Birb Mama. Finally our business manager Bear in a Hat.


You have questions, we have puns.

Bear Pear here to answer all of your unbearably difficult questions before I nap. But if you have any actual questions feel free to get in contact with us! Otherwise check below.

Why do bears love to party?

Bears generally love two things in life. Sleeping and eating. However one day I, Bear Pear, discovered that in addition to these things I also quite enjoyed cake...and the company of my fellow bears in a fun and friendly environment. I also kind of liked dancing. So I decided to start partying with his all of his friends!

Who is Bear in a hat?

Bear in a Hat is our business manager. A long time ago he came across his first hat. He was so astonished by how fashionable he looked he started collecting all the hats he could find. Someone then told him that he should start a hat shop and sell them. However Bear in a Hat could never part with any of them so he decided to sell other things instead.

What about Birb Mama?

Birb Mama is our amazing and awesome consultant on all the popular trends. She is a cool and fancy bear, so she knows whats up.

Uhhh... a bear?

Yes, a bear. This is bears love to party. She may look a bit different, with her short height, feathers, and ability to fly. But she is definitely a bear.

Okay, so where are all of your other products, like apps and stuff?

Bear pear is very lazy. I have to hibernate for a good three months at a time before I can get started on new projects. Hopefully I'll get some stuff done soon.

I like you Bear Pear. How can I contact you with more questions?

Oh, sure. Let me find my email address. It's uh bear@....I just got really tired...I'll get back to you in about three months...

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